Best Paraffin Wax Baths Reviews in 2017

1. Revlon moisturizing paraffin bath for smooth skin, RVSP3501. Best Paraffin Bath

Highlights highlighted

This unit is designed for both feet and hands.
It is equipped with 2 thermal gloves, 3 pounds of wax and 30 gloves.
It warms very fast.
The wax melts in 60 minutes.
It offers a full range of levels of thermal comfort.

The Revlon Moisturizing Paraffin Bath is an extraordinary product to get smoother skin at an affordable price. The most important reason behind its popularity is its ability to heat the wax faster than normal. This waxy paraffin bath has variable temperature settings and this is the biggest selling point of this product. There are numerous individuals who prefer their wax on the hot side, while some people want things on the hot side.

By providing relief from relaxing and safe thermal pain for patients suffering from joint and arthritic pain, this paraffin bath offers the best heat treatment at home. This machine is the quick and fast solution for instant relief from body pain. So, you can stop taking the pills and relieve the pain in a better way. It is possible to extend the duration of the therapy by mixing some oils or healing herbs in melted wax.


Convenient Product
Easy to store and lightweight
Several temperature controls offer different heat options
Waxing time faster than other machines
It comes with 3 pounds of wax and other important accessories, making this machine a surprising value proposition


Not suitable for a size 10 or higher
Not deep enough to overwhelm the wrists
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2. Dr. Scholl's Quick Heat Paraffin Spa Bath

Highlights highlighted

It incorporates 2 thermal gloves, 3 pounds of wax and 30 gloves.
Its wax can be ready for use in just 60 minutes.
It features an adjustable dial to customize multiple levels of heat.
Includes a light that lights up during operation.
It's a great paraffin bath for the price.
It has variable temperature control settings.

All Dr. Scholl's products are known as the best products to take care of their feet. So, it also makes sense that Dr. Scholl's Hot Paraffin Thermal Bath will do the best treatment for your feet. According to its price range, this unit works more than others, and this makes it the best paraffin bath for feet and hands of any size and shape. This machine also has a variable temperature control setting that provides wax for the comfortable heating option according to your preferences.

The users of this product enjoy thanks to its ability to soften the skin; however, here it is necessary to note that the wax that includes has a strong odor. However, this product is not an expensive option if you are looking for a long-lasting and long-lasting paraffin bath.


A large capacity unit for any shape and size of hands and feet.
Great price for the brand.
Softens and smoothes the skin.
It offers therapeutic treatment and thermal relief of pain caused by joint inflammation, arthritis and bursitis.


Strong smell of wax

3. True Glow of Conair thermal paraffin bath. Best Paraffin Bath

This paraffin bath is infused with aloe vera.
It's smaller in size.
It's very convenient
Includes 1 pound of aloe vera wax.
It offers a hydrating and exfoliating thermal therapy.

Are you looking for a smaller and smaller unit? Then True Glow of Conair's Thermal Paraffin Bath is perfect for you. You can get this at a fairly affordable price but you have to verify your expectations. The capacity of this unit is not very large and its smaller dimensions are probably not the best option for people with larger hands or feet. However, the design of the unit is very beautiful and can be easily restored due to its small size while it is not in operation. Although this is not the best option for people who regularly try to use their paraffin bath, this unit is ideal for beginners who want a cheap product.

As the name suggests, this wax bath offers a true glow and immediately revives dry skin on hands, heels and elbows. It gives a rejuvenating experience for about 10/15 minutes, while it warms and soothes the skin. Thanks to the aloe vera infusion, moisturizes the skin with intense exfoliation. Even if it is small, people find it a good product for the price.


Good product for a limited budget
Revitalizes the skin with aloe vera treatment
It softens and calms the skin on hands, heels and elbows.


Not suitable for larger hands or feet.
No temperature control